Today I will be reviewing the BeautyMaker Matte Cushion (零油光晶漾持妝金屬氣墊粉餅) by Taiwan’s Kevin 老师, who regularly appears on Queen (女人我最大). Been waiting to try it out ever since I went to the product launch event of BeautyMaker last month ^^

Out of all the cushions available, I find this one of the most interesting cushion. According to Kevin, the product contains encapsulated hydrating ingredients including hyaluronic acid, which will be released upon swiping product on the skin. Unlike most products with encapsulated active ingredients, the capsules do not break upon swiping on the skin, it only releases its content. Thereafter, the capsules will absorb excess oil on the skin, leaving skin smooth and fresh~

I managed to get the super cute limited edition matte cushion 😄


Brand: BeautyMaker
Product Name: Matte Cushion 零油光晶漾持妝金屬氣墊粉餅
Shade: Beige (自然)
Made In: China
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars

√ Natural powdery finish
√ Skin looks bright throughout the day
√ Product’s freshness is preserved due to vacuum protective layer, product is only dispensed when needed
√ The 32 holes allows just the appropriate amount of product to be dispensed when pressed down
√ Great for hot and humid Singapore weather
√ Light-weight on skin

X Cannot cover more severe dark circles
X Not suitable  for people with very dry skin


The shade that I choose for myself was beige.

Most of us suits either the beige or honey shade. Ivory is for those who are really very fair.

Natural looking. Doesn’t cover much of my dark circles. Just lightened it a little. Even though it’s matte, it doesn’t cause lines on my under eye area. It could cover the light freckles around my cheeks and on my nose as well.

I realised if I apply too much on areas that are dry, for example my cheek, it will be a little flaky. However, the flakiness disappears after a while. I guess the hyaluronic acid is taking effect hahah! (note: I did not use any skincare before using the matte cushion) Other than that, it works fine on my skin (:

After 6 hrs, right under the light…

Skin is still pretty oil-free except for my nose, which is fixed with a few gentle swipes of the BeautyMaker matte cushion. Skin still looks bright after so many hours!

This is taken during the Singapore BeautyMaker Launch in Singapore. Which is also the 10th anniversary of the brand!

See the difference in the oil blotting sheet before and after the use of the BeautyMaker matte cushion? It was demonstrated on the male model beside Kevin hahah! Amazing!

Great to bring out on hot days when you know your skin will get oily easily!

Ending off with a selfie with Kevin 老师~😊