As some

of you already know, I am currently in Japan for my eyelash extension training under Eyelash Salon Vivi~♥ I’m at Nagoya. A city more quiet then Tokyo, but still a nice place with nice people and delicious food! But the weather is so cold now! I bought the Chifure Quick Skin Care set from Lawson (convenience shop) as I packed too last minute and missed out my moisturiser >.< Plus, my makeup remover was finishing and I didn’t want to bring the new bottle which was bigger.

nagoya street

Below shows all the cosmetics and skin care products that I brought with me to Japan.

travel cosmetics skincareLip balm lip stain

As you can see, the only skin care items I brought are the Bioderma Micellar water and Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil. >.< Forgot that the cold wind will make my skin dry and peel. So, I bought the Chifure set that includes its moisture gel on the 1st day to prevent my skin from peeling.

Brand: Chifure
Product: Quick Skin Care Set
Price: JPY 700
Effectiveness: ★★★☆☆
Feeling on skin: ★★★☆☆
Overall Rating: 3/5


The 3 items in the travel set are the cleansing oil, cleansing foam and the moisture gel.DSC00864_mh1490536427290

Love the fact that these products are fragrance-free and colourant-free!

Cleansing Oil


DSC00874_mh1490537251763The cleansing oil feels thicker than the ones I have used before (eg DHC Deep Cleansing, Hada Labo). And, it does not produce as much white emulsion when massaged with damp hands. Because of this, it does not make me feel like my face is cleaned of my makeup even though it may be. I don’t really like the texture.

Actually, I should not be using oil cleanser as I have eyelash extensions. It is going to make them fall off at a faster rate hahaha

Cleansing Foam


The cleansing foam has a creamy texture. It does not foam up much. Skin feels clean after cleaning. It has the squeak clean feel. I personally prefer those hydrating facial foams that make the skin feel smooth and soft after  cleansing. This may suit people with oily skin more.

Moisture Gel

Chifure moisture gel

The Chifure Moisture Gel is a 6 in 1 gel. It is a beauty water, serum, lotion, cream, facial pack, makeup base all in 1. I’m not sure how it cam be water, serum, lotion and cream all in 1 actually as those are supposed to target different layer of the skins. Hydration wise I think its pretty good as I have not started to peel in this plus minus 10 degree celcius weather. Used it on my face, arms and legs. Texture wise, you will feel that the gel is quite thick and it leaves a layer over the skin. It’s hard to describe the layer. It is neither oily nor sticky so it is not uncomfortable. And you will not feel it anymore after a few minutes.

Will update again at the end of my trip ~♡

Update: My cheeks and lip area started to peel on the 3rd day 🙁 However, arms and legs are not peeling yet. Time to source for a more rich moisturiser for my face!