Have heard about hair fibers for awhile now. And, I finally bought 2! Fully Hair Building Fibers in black and brown. Now, I will be able to help clients with thin hair to temporary build up hair mass for their special day! Below is the review of it using the black shade fiber.

Brand: Fully
Product Name: Hair Building Fibers
Shade: Black
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars




√ Light-weight
√ Fills up empty spaces between hair
√ Does not drip down with perspiration
√ Fast and easy application process

X For fibers that are directly covering a wider area of scalp, you will be able to tell it is hair fibers on close look

How it works:


The bottle should be sealed when you purchase it.


It opens up to these small holes when you can pour the fibers out directly onto the hair.


Below shows how the fibers look like. Very small and light fibers.


Look how much difference there is before and after!Fully Hair Building Fiber1

Pretty amazing right??

He didn’t feel much difference as it is very light. Only upon close look can you tell that those on the scalp are not real hair.

After a 15 minutes run…..


Fibers still intact on hair and scalp. It didn’t run down to his face. However, some of those on the scalp have been wiped off when he wipe off his sweat.

Recommend ☺