During my Bridal Styling Course the weekend before, I was introduced to this eyeliner from Thailand that is highly recommended by the teachers and some of my other course mates. The Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner! And just nice, I was going to travel to Phuket the next day! So, my course mates were asking me to buy this eyeliner. I was lucky as I found it during our city tour during the first day of my trip! Which is the only day we were shopping. Heheh~ Review below ⇩⇩

Brand: Mistine
Product Name: Maxi Black Eyeliner
Eyeliner Type: Liquid (Pen)
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars


Too bad I can’t read Thai. Most of the words on the packaging are in Thai.



√ Smooth application
√ Soft tip but not flimsy
√ Deep black pigmentation
√ Long-lasting
√ Smudge-proof

X Not suitable for vigorous under-water activities it will smudge, and the smudge is quite hard to remove
X Slightly hard to correct if error is made, may need to have remover nearby for fast correction

Would have given it a 5 star if it was easy to wipe off for correcting!

After 7 hrs in the hot and humid weather, but mostly in shelter..


Still intact with no smudging.

NOT for under-water activities! After swimming and snorkeling….


Super panda eyes, and it takes quite some effort to remove it 😣

Overall, I prefer Stila as it is easier to correct and remove as it doesn’t stain that much. But, quality of the liquid eyeliner pen is equally good. Love the tip of both pen. Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner is smoother in terms of gliding, and so so much more affordable. Both have really pigmented ink too. However, Stila is like 5 times more expensive than the Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner if you buy it in Thailand. So… I will most probably get more if I happen to go Thailand again!

P.S. I have posted my Harley Quinn Makeup on instagram and facebook page. Will do a post of the process when I have the time ^.^