Brand: Etude House
Product Name: Tear Drop Liner
Shade: White
Made In: Korea
Reyna Hearts Rating: 3 stars ★★★

DSC09197-001 DSC09201-001

 Great for creating teary-eye look
Applicator brush is thin and steady so its easy to apply
√ Can be layered to create sheer to strong looks
Easy to remove (I use cleansing oil for makeup removal)
√ A little goes a long way, so 1 bottle can last you a long time

X Easy to over-apply as applicator picks up quick a lot of product (must remember to take off the excess before use)
X Easily toppled as bottle cap is long
X Not so suitable if you are out for long hours as it fades a little, and can be slightly dry and may crack sometimes if your eye area is dry (it’s okay if you wear it for maybe up to half a day)
Not water-proof

You can layer over your eyeliner to add a sparkle to them for dinners/parties~
Etude House Tear Liner2

Double layer for an obvious and brighter look!

Alternatively, you may want to use shimmer eye shadow to create the sparkly sheen!