Hi everyone! In my previous post I wrote about the benefits of hydrogen water. I mentioned I will be exploring ways to include it as part of skin care regimen. Thus, I tested this as a mask~ ^.^ See below pictures and data.

This Izumio hydrogen water contains a high amount of hydrogen ions in its water. They do not change the properties of water, and excess oxygen are removed from the water before hydrogen is pumped in. The packaging which consists of 4 layers of aluminium ensures that hydrogen do not leak out. Thus, you can be sure your Izumio has a good amount of hydrogen in it when you consume or use it.

And there was this time where I accidentally burned my hand with a hair curling tong >.< So I tried using it over the burnt area to see if it helps in healing. Scroll down to see the pictures of before and after!

Brand: Naturally Plus
Product Name: Izumio
Made In: Japan
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars 


Ingredients: Water hahah with lots of Hydrogen goodness! DSC00860-001

 Very good anti-oxidant! It only removes bad active oxygen (:
Safe on skin! Great for people with sensitive skin and eczema. Well, it’s drinking water with hydrogen ions, so there’s no side effect..yay!
Helps in healing (see below)
√ Using it as mask reduces redness on skin and increases moisture content of skin
√ Using it as mask also softens skin and preps skin for absorption of other skin care products

X You still need to apply your regular moisturizer etc after using it as a mask, it is more for skin prepping and health
So there was this time I burned my skin ): Accidentally touched a 180 degree Celsius curling tong >.< Below picture shows how the burnt area is after applying Izumio to it. I soaked a cotton pad with Izumio and left it on for around 20 mins. I used my Slim Cera to increase absorption rate hahah. Another great product! Will do a review for it soon. Anyway, amazingly after the 1st application, it stopped hurting completely. Very fast effect!



How to use it as a mask. Buy blank sheet mask (i bought it from Sasa) and soak it in just enough Izumio to fill up the mask, Drink up the rest of the water and put the mask on! For me, I put it on for around 15-20 mins.



Below shows the effect on the skin. Redness is reduced by a little.


Results from my Skin Analyser before and after the mask application. Increase in moisture and softness level!


Trying it out on my Aunt too. Her skin is sensitive, and prone to redness. She just went for a run thus her face is very red. Not that significant reduction of redness for her but no reaction to the Izumio mask, moisture level on her skin has increased and skin is softer too!

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* Use it as a mask after cleansing your face and before your regular skin care regimen
* If you have a skin issue like eczema drink daily and use over affected area (consult the sales rep for a proper details)

Super recommend and I will be including this Izumio treatment (1 packet: mask + drinking) for my makeup clients free of charge! You will just have to wake up 15 mins earlier to enjoy this complimentary treatment ^^