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Sorry, I have not been posting for the past 3 weeks due to a vacation >.<

Will continue my Monday Reviews now (:

Introducing a fast and easy method to clean your brushes! Rinse-free brush cleanser 😀 No reason to ever leave your brushes dirty anymore . This is the best instant brush cleanser I have ever used. The previous ones that I have used always tend to dry up my brushes.  As a makeup artist, we always need to clean our brushes on the go, in between jobs. Thus, is it great to have one that can clean well, dry immediately, and doesn’t affect the quality of the brushes!

Here’s the brush cleaner that I highly recommend!

Brand: Make Up For Ever
Product Name: Instant Brush Cleanser
Made in: Belgium
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars



√ Can be used to clean synthetic and natural brushes
√ Dries immediately, can be used to clean brushes when changing colour
√ Does not dry out your brush
√ Alcohol-free
√ Convenient as it does not require rinsing

X Requires quite a lot of the instant brush cleanser to clean highly pigmented products

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* You should still rinse your brushes and clean it with light shampoo every once in a while (: