Brand: Miki Queen
Product Name: Long-Lasting Eyeliner
Shade: Black
Type: Gel Pencil
Made in: Taiwan
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

DSC06704-001  DSC06708-001 DSC06714-001



√ Pigmented colour
√ Affordable pricing

X Smudges to under eye and bottom of outer ends in humid/hot weather where eye area gets oily easily (see below before /after pic)
X Slightly difficult to correct without makeup remover if drawn wrongly

Loose powder is important in using this eyeliner. Below shows the before/after photo where I applied loose powder only when I first applied makeup, without touch-up throughout the 6 hours when I was out. It smudged at the outer ends and also a little under eye, making my dark circles appear darker ):


Smudging of highly pigmented creamy texture black eyeliner is a very common problem. Sadly, it happened for this as well.

* Apply loose powder to under eye area every once in awhile. Dry powdered surface will prevent eyeliner from smudging on it.