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Today I’ll be reviewing another amazing product! One that I will be using for my clients as well! This one is instant facial lifting without use of strong skincare products! A simple massaging tool that has rollers that contain 10 minerals baked into its ceramic rollers!

Brand: Slim Cera
Product Name: The Beauty Roller
Made In: Japan
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars



The mineral infused rollers!


Seal shows some Japanese words when it has been opened, so you can be sure no one has opened it/used your beauty roller~


√ Gives instant lifting and tightening without using any skincare product (this is great for people with sensitive skin and cannot use most skincare products)
√ Increases absorbtion of skin care products into skin
√ Reduces fine lines/wrinkles
√ Reduces puffiness and dark circles as it tightens skin and improves blood circulation
√ Lasts a lifetime if you don’t damage the product by dropping it etc
√ 10 minerals baked in the ceramic rollers promote balance and reorganise energy flows in skin through their magnetism
√ Contains 99.999% purity germanium plate that emits heat when it comes in contact with skin, releasing negative ions that stimulates blood circulation

X Cannot be used directly over acne/eczema

Tried it on a few people. And it all showed instant lifting effect! ♥

2016-04-102 slim cera may

Notice the difference in the jawline?

Results after a few day’s usage…
Slim Cera

How and where to use Slim Cera beauty roller on?


image source: http://www.slimcera.eu/en/slimceraclassic.html

  • Use for 3 mins in a gentle rolling motion, around 3 times a day
  • Roll on entire face 1 part at a time (cheeks, jawline, laughing lines, forehead)
  • For eye area, I prefer to flip over to the curved back and place over eyes as I do not want to roll it over such thin skin
  • Use on neck and hands to reduce lines as they are the 1st to show signs of aging other then eye area
  • Roll it on lymph nodes areas to detox
  • Roll it on any part of the body that you wish to firm and tighten (eg. arms, legs), except sensitive/acne area
  • Leave it beside your bed or hold it to sleep

Watch below video, a QVC showing how Slim Cera works

* Use water to rinse and toothbrush to gently scrub the rollers after use, then let it air dry before putting back the cap
* Use with facial wash to get a better cleanse
* Use before regular skincare for better absorbtion of products into skin

* Do not use with products that are acidic, such as Vitamin C, as it may damage the surface of roller, wash immediately with cold or tepid water if contacted
* Do not store Slim Cera beauty roller in humid places

This will become an added complimentary service for all my clients if time permits!

(For anyone who wish to get one, do drop me a text so that I can direct you to the seller)

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  1. flavia grillo

    buongiorno, sono flavia, vorrei sapere se slim cera puo’ essere usato anche da persone con allergia al nichel.grazie.

    • flavia grillo

      buongiorno vorrei sapere se slim cera puo’ essere utilizzato da persone con allergia al nichel. grazie.

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