Hellooo! Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog for a long while. Omg, past few months have been so busy!! Anyway, Reyna Hearts is on Dayre now!!

I actually registered quite some time back, but didn’t start using it until now.

Realised its much more convenient to blog over there 😹 My most recent post now is about a hair salon! Enjoy hair cut and any chemical service discount (30% off) for your first visit to Gataomo at Far East when you quote ‘ReynaNeo30’. Check it out here!

Do follow me on Dayre (reynahearts) for more reviews, and the planning process of my own upcoming wedding 😽😽 Wedding planning process is so tedious >.< But exciting at the same time hahahah! I’m so looking forward~~ especially for the photo shoot which I’m planning to take at Europe next autumn. Sale flights please come sooooon!!! 🙏🙏