Today, I will be doing a review for another one of Schwarzkopf’s product, Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe. It is a hair dye recommended by my friend’s brother-in-law, who is a hairdresser. It’s a pretty good hair dye that don’t really damage the hair, but I gave it a 3-star as it didn’t give the same colour as depicted in the photo on the box ):

Brand: Schwarzkopf
Product Name: Palette Deluxe
Shade: 6-0 Dark Blonde
Made in: Germany (Serum is made in Slovenia)
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars



√ Colour is even on hair
√ 7 Oils serum included hydrates and softens hair after hair dye
√ Does not give out much pungent gas that irritates eyes
√ Easy to use

X End result is not the colour shown on the box
X Requires 2 bottles of product even for slightly below shoulder length hair


Do always take note to read safety instructions and do a patch test 2 days before using any hair dye product.


After squeezing the tube of colour cream into the solution in the bottle, shake very very vigorously until you get a uniform solution like the second picture.


After coating the hair with 1 full bottle, your hair should look like this ↓↓

(remember to wear the plastic gloves provided during application)


After rinsing the product off, use the hair treatment provided to condition the hair. It really softens the hair!


I wore an old shirt of my boyfriend, as the dye stains fabrics. So, remember to get ready some unwanted old top/towel before you start mixing your dye.

Below shows how your hair colour is supposed to look like depending on your original hair colour.


My hair is black on the top and dye brown on like 1/3 from bottom up, as show in the left most picture. The instructions says that if your hair length is below your chin, you need to use 2 bottles. They are right. I tried to save by trying to see if I can achieve the result with just 1 bottle. Turns out, the colour was still quite dark after 1 bottle, and I had to open the 2nd bottle. Well, its still okay since I got this colour at a special price. 2 for the price of 1!


After 2 bottles, you can see that my hair is more visibly coloured. However, the colour seems more brownish than dark blonde ):


And it is more visibly brown under sunlight.

It is not good that it isn’t delivering colour it supposedly should, but I am glad that the colour that came out is a nice shade of brown and my hair isn’t as dry as when I was using other brands of diy hair dye (:

By the way, yes I cut off my long hair! Big thank you to my hairdresser, Willy from Hair Art Studio at Citylink, for the cute and fresh hair cut! My head feels much lighter and I feel much younger ^^ Do look for him if you are still trying to find a good hairdresser. He is very good at what he does! Sorry that I went off to try and dye my hair on my own hee

Although its kind of fun to diy, it is still less hassle and much safer to go to a professional who can help you to get the correct colour evenly.