Happy holidays everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Haji! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves this long weekend 😄 It’s time for Monday review again! Bought a smartphone selfie ring light recently (: Not much description about the brand and where it is from on the packaging. But, all the words on the box are in Japanese, so I shall assume that it came from Japan. Scroll down for the review~

Product Name: Selfie Ring Light
From: Japan
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars



√ Convenient, small & portable
√ 3 different light intensities
√ White light
√ Photos taken will have light reflecting in the eyes
√ Great for taking selfies indoors and at night

X May need to remove phone cover to use with back cam


Works with 2 AAA batteries. (batteries are not included in the product)


Usied it together with my Samsung S7 Edge.

How it fits when clipped onto my phone….


Fits well on my phone when using with front camera.

However, without removing the phone cover, it covers the back camera a little. So I had to remove the cover when using it with the back camera.


Change the light intensity can be done with a press of a button. 1 time for lowest intensity, another time for medium intensity and 1 more time for the highest intensity. Then, the last time to turn it off. So everything is controlled by that 1 button that is shown here…


These are the 3 light intensities


Results of photos taken…


These are taken indoors, at around 5.30pm in the evening. Personally, I prefer to use the lowest light intensity, which is #1.

#3 is too bright, uncomfortable for the eyes and also makes the photo too sharp and the colour that from the auto mode of the cam is not that nice when paired with light intensity #3.

Choosing which light intensity to use depends on the place you are at and your surroundings. You can test out all 3 each time to find the right intensity, as you need to go through 3 light intensities before you can switch it off anyway hahah

This selfie ring light is a convenient product to bring out on a date/girls’ night out to take nicely lit photos! ☺