Hello~~ Happy Monday again 😄 Today’s product is another cosmetic that I bought when I was at London for a trip. The Soft Sifter Liquid Foundation from Kiko Milano! Previously, I had reviewed a lip liner from this brand too. I had pretty high hopes for this foundation as it is water-based, had an interesting packaging, and it’s from Italy. However, I was greatly disappointed 😞 Find out why below..

Brand: Kiko Milano
Product Name: Soft Sifter Liquid Foundation
Shade: 02 (Warm Beige 30)
Made In: Italy
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2 stars

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√ Water-based, feels cool and comfortable during application
√ Does not sink into lines on the under-eye area

X Does not blend nicely into skin
X Does not cover blemishes well
X Blotchiness show right after application (not suitable for tropical climate I guess)

Upon opening up the jar, you will see a seal to maintain the product’s freshness.


The jar’s opening is covered with a netting where you dip your brush into to get the right amount of foundation.


Before/after using the Soft Sifter Liquid Foundation


Skin tone looks more even and dark circles lightened.

It looks okay from far, but when u take a closer look…..


See those little bits and patches around the cheek area? The blotchiness appeared right after I applied. It just doesn’t settle well onto my skin. And, it couldn’t cover the pimple marks. Doesn’t stay over them at all. I had to remove everything and re-apply with another foundation 😞

I didn’t notice these when the beauty adviser from Kiko tried it on me. But, she only tried it on my jawline area. I’m guessing that it’s the climate that made this foundation unsuitable for me now. London and Singapore’s climate is very different..

Will be giving this foundation another try during my free time and update if there are any changes to my view.