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Hello everyone~! Christmas is coming soon! Are you all excited for the upcoming festive celebration? Heheh! I received my 1st Christmas gift for this year a few days back 😁 It’s from a friend I made during an event that I attended a few months back. So sweet of her! Now, I shall do a review on this sweet gift 😃

Brand: Victoria’s Secret
Product Name: Shiny Kiss Flavoured Gloss
Shade: Strawberry Fizz
Made in: USA
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars


√ Sparkly
√ Makes lips appear more plump
√ Easy to apply as the tip is shaped like a lipstick

X Gloss colour is too sheer


The gloss squeezes out of the flat slanted tip, which can be used to easily apply the gloss to the lips like you would with a normal lipstick.


I tried this gloss over various lipsticks and also over my bare lips.
The results were as follows:


Lipsticks used:
Creamy: Sephora Rouge Shine N07
Matte: M.A.C. Ruby Woo
Lip Stain: MISSHA Aqua Gel Tint B08N02

The pictures on the right shows the effect after the Victoria’s Secret Shiny Kiss Flavoured Gloss is applied. Love the glossy & sparkly effect. It gave my lips a more full and plump look, making it more hydrated and healthy.

I find that it is too sheer to be used on its own as it isn’t pigmented. My lips will look too pale 😞 So, I feel it is best used after you apply your lipstick.

A closer look at the sparkles…

This sparkly gloss will add a nice touch over the lipstick of my bridal clients! Thanks my dear friend for this lovely gift 😚

Let us know what you think about the Victoria’s Secret Shiny Kiss Flavoured Gloss!

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