Bought #3CE ‘s Stylenanda Lip Color in Mellow Flower. It’s like a natural red shade. I love natural style~~~ ????

Before and after~~ My original lip colour is so pale. How do some people have those naturally red and healthy lips?!?! So jealous ?

Zoom in to the lips. You can lightly dab the lipstick on your lips and spread it out with your little finger to get a more natural shade.

The #3CE Stylenanda Lip Color is very pigmented actually. This was after I dabbed off the excess with a tissue.

I also applied lip balm before applying the #lipstick as my lips are abit dry. And this mattifying lipstick is definitely gonna make it more dry.

My 大头贴 (close up head shot) ? the colour mostly faded after my lunch (which consists of hot teh-o, 4 sticks of ToriQ). Not entirely gone even after I lightly wiped my lips after eating.

Became an even more natural lip shade~~

Zoom in shot of the lip colour after eating hahaha

#dayrebeauty #dayrereview

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[STYLENANDA] 3CE RED RECIPE LIP / 3.5g / 5colors / Lips

[S$24.90](▼55%)[3CE]BREEZY ★ [STYLENANDA] 3CE RED RECIPE LIP / 3.5g / 5colors / Lips



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  1. Si Yuan

    Reyna, I didnt know you also use 3ce… haha. Mine is given as a gift by my vietnam friend.

    • reyna

      Hahah yeah! I have afew products from them (:

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