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Reyna Hearts Makeup Artistry

Reyna Hearts Makeup Artistry is a Singapore-based professional makeup and hairstyling service provider. It started in 2013 aiming to provide top quality beauty services and advice for everyone.

High quality cosmetics, hair and skincare products are sourced from various brands to give the optimum result. We believe in quality personalised service and high hygiene practices. We strive to understand each and every client’s needs to ensure satisfaction of services provided.

More than just a makeup and hairstyling service provider, Reyna Hearts Makeup Artistry shares beauty related information through blogging and honest product reviews. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and providing advice to those in need.


Our Artist Reyna N.


Why Us?

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Skilled Professionals

Reyna is professionally trained and have years of experience in the Beauty Industry.

Quality Products

Products used are carefully selected from various brands to create the desired looks of our customers.

Good Hygiene Practices

Makeup brushes are cleaned and sanitised after each makeup session.

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