Today, I will be reviewing something that was quite popular awhile back~ The AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion! Bought it more than a month ago. I finally got the chance to open up and try! Here’s my review on it 😄

Brand: AprilSkin
Product: Magic Snow Cushion
Shade: 21
Made In: Korea
Packaging: ★★★★★
Coverage: ★★★★★
Long-lastingness: ★★★★☆
Overall Rating: 4.7/5

I bought the shade #21. It is my usual shade for cushions from Korea.


Packaging is same as other cushions. But this does not come with an extra refill like most others.

And, as usual, there is a sticker seal to preserve its freshness.

The puff is fully black~

Love the blackness of the puff〔´∇`〕

The inner lid closes really tight. More then my other cushions. I guess this will dry up less easily then those with looser inner lid.


A before/during/after shot~

The AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion has really good coverage. It could pretty much cover my dark circles! (o^-’)b

But, I realised that with the high coverage, shade 21 is a bit too fair for me. 😞1 1 need to stay out of the sun! Getting too tanned ( ◢д◣)


I did not touch up for 12 hrs out. Notice that the area below my eye on the right and also the nose area have faded. But, it was because I rubbed those areas with my hand during the day. The other areas are still quite okay. It just looks less blended on the skin. Better to bring it out to touch up.

The fairness is still there, it did not oxidise to become darker. This is the only time I hoped that my makeup would oxidise a little. (︶︹︺) I’ll have to to apply thinner layer so that it will not be so fair, but this means that coverage will be lesser. I need to make my skin fairer!!!


You can find the Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion here (:


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