Helloo everyone! It’s monday again! 😃 Previously, when I got BeautyMaker’s Matte Cushion, I also got their BeautyMaker Perfect Hydrating Primer. These two products were sold as a set at their launch event.

Since I have slight dry skin issues, I got the set as I think it will be too dry to just apply the matte cushion. So, let’s see how this primer fares!

Brand: Beauty Maker
Product Name: Perfect Hydrating Primer
Made In: Taiwan
Size: 30ml
Price: $27.90
Expiry Date: 2 years from manufacture
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars

√ Hydrates skin
√ Provides a smooth surface for application of foundation
√ Makes makeup more lasting on the skin

X Use parabens as perservatives


Has a hygiene seal to protect the freshness of the product.


It feels like a thick lotion. You can feel a the layer on your skin as you spread it out. It may feel weird at first, but after your are done, it doesn’t feel like it’s there anymore.

For both days, I used the same serum, moisturiser and foundation to ensure consistency. The only difference is with or without primer applied before the foundation. From the eye area, you can tell the effect of this primer. Without the primer, foundation around the eye area has melted 😣 Not drastically, but visible.

Recommended for people with dry skin and not particular about it having paraben content. (it contains methylparaben & propylparaben)

* Use this if your skin is dry to prevent flakiness when applying foundation
* Ensure your skincare (moisturiser etc) are fully absorbed before applying the primer (a tip by Kevin 老师 is to have a 30 seconds interval before moving on to the next layer/step)

Let us know what you think about the BeautyMaker Perfect Hydrating Primer!

You can find the BeautyMaker Perfect Hydrating Primer here (:

][BEAUTYMAKER]✮Perfect Hydrating Primer 水膜力妝前保濕凝露

[S$27.90][YuYu][BEAUTYMAKER]✮Perfect Hydrating Primer 水膜力妝前保濕凝露✮Hydrating Makeup Primer✮No More DryCakey Look✮Conceal Large Pores✮Moisturizing✮Nourishing✮Softening✮Long Lasting✮Brightening✮


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