I received Essence Quattro Eyeshadow from a friend recently~ Here’s my review on it!

Brand: Essence
Product: Quattro Eyeshadow
Shade: 19 Grey N’ Roses
Made In: Italy
Long-lastingness: ★★★★☆
Smoothness: ★★★☆☆
Packaging: ★★☆☆☆
Overall Rating: 3/5

Essence Quattro

Essence Quattro GREY N ROSES


Essence Packaging

Hmm it was broken when I first opened it. The sticker seal was still there when I received it, so it has not been opened before. I guess the glue loosened during shipping or transport. Packaging is not durable.


Essence Quattro Shades

There are 4 shades which I named them from 1-4 for reference since there are no names for the shades.

Essence Quattro swatch-001

Upon swatching, I realised the powder wasn’t very smooth. It needs a few swipes to even it out.

1 – light maroonish shade
2 – metallic grey/silver
3 – dark grey
4 – white base/highlight


Here’s 1 way of using the eyeshadow palette. I used all 4 shades for this look~

essence eyeshadow


* Eyeshadow primer is used before application. Makes it more intense and lasting.

Shade 4 isn’t very obvious. Shade 3 takes a bit more effort to remove then the other shades in this palette


With the primer, it could last the whole day~

essence eyeshadow1

Overall, it is an okay eyeshadow palette. A very affordable drugstore brand eyeshadow. For it’s price range, I think Essence’s eyeshadows are pretty worth it. Just that most of the shades are colours that I seldom use and packaging isn’t strong.