Went to Sephora 2 days ago to replenish some of my finishing #makeup products.

1. Instant brush cleanser from Makeup Forever. Best one I have ever use. Can’t find anything to replace this. But, it’s quite expensive and finishes fast ?

2. Eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay. Love it too! No more eyeshadow creases!

3. Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette that is about to replace my current Naked1 palette from Urban Decay!


Pretty colours with fun names~~

Reasons why I chose this over getting a new Naked 1 palette:

1. Realised that Naked 1 has many colour that are similar. Some are colours that I rarely used. Too Faced Sweet Peach has more variety.
2. The palette smells like Peach!!
3. Great quality as well ?
4. Slightly cheaper ?

Can’t wait to start using this palette!


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