This Monday, I had the opportunity to be invited to Hask Hair Party (Hask’s product launch event) held at Artemis Grill thanks to Tiffany! Was looking forward to it as I read that it was a popular hair brand that is widely used in even Hollywood films! Anyway, the Hask Hair Party that evening was a very nice event! The host and team were welcoming, the ambassador was awesome, the people I met were friendly, venue was amazing with a great view (40th floor in the CBD area), yummy food and has a wonderful service crew. The whole experience was so good.

These were on the tables when we arrived. ⇩

Hair products from Hask seriously smell so nice! Furthermore, they are made cruelty-free from nourishing ingredients, and does NOT contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colours!

I am particularly excited to try the Kalahari Melon and Charcoal shampoo/conditioners. Kalahari Melon smells like melon (reminds me of the one direction’s perfume ?) and is supposedly very good for coloured hair. The Charcoal one has a light pleasant scent and is great for deep cleansing especially for people whose hair gets oily easily, which many people need in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Sukki Singapora, their ambassador, is Singapore’s first international Burlesque performer and she has even been invited to the Buckingham palace! Amazing and inspirational lady who speaks for women’s rights and petitioned to legalise Burlesque in Singapore!

Too bad that I didn’t manage to snap a pic of her with her hair down, the colour is so beautiful! You can check out her website/instagram account to see her lovely hair colour. Beside Sukki is the host for the event, Angélique Nicolette Teo. She speaks pretty well and she is so gorgeous!

By the way, we watched Sukki perform Burlesque during the event as well!! Hehe! It was an honour to be able to meet her in person and take a picture with her ☺

Picture from @kablooey76 ‘s instagram

Hask is so generous! At the end of the Hask Hair Party, we got sooo many hair products in the goodie bag, it was so heavy to carry back too hahaha. Look at all the shampoos, conditioners and oils that we got!! ❤❤

We got x2 of the above products ??

Gonna try them all and write review when I’m done. It’s gonna take awhile hahaha!

If you are interested to try, you can find Hask’s products in Guardian/Cold Storage or Q0010 (:




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