Recently, I was introduced to hydrogen water by a friend, Alvin. I never knew that this smallest atom in the periodic table can be so beneficial for the health and skin. Thank you scientists for discovering the power of hydrogen and Alvin for sharing this with me!! It’s a super good antioxidant!

World’s 4 miracle spring waters, Lourdes spring water in France, Tlacote water in Mexico, Nordena water in Germany and Nadana, which have been said to have healing powers, were tested to show a high amount of hydrogen content.

Interesting studies from scientists about the effect of hydrogen:

This meet up with Alvin made me recall my JC days where I learnt about free radicals. And now, I am reading up about it. Somehow, it is more interesting to read up about biology and chemistry stuff now hahah! There is a great difference between really interested to know and studying for the sake of studying (what I was doing back in JC >.<).

Many illnesses (e.g. cancer) and aging effects are caused by free radicals damaging our cells. Free radicals are formed when oxygen reacts with certain molecules and result in atoms with odd number electrons. Hydrogen get rid of excess active oxygen in our body by combining with the oxygen and turning into water to be flushed out of our system. Since hydrogen is so small, it easily permeates our cell membranes to reduce oxidative damage and can even reach the brain.

For the skin, it can be used to brighten our complexion and soothe sensitive skin/eczema.


Very very impressed with hydrogen water!

The brand of hydrogen water that I was introduced to, Izumio has:

  • Achieved the highest rate of dissolved hydrogen concentration: 2.0 mg /L (during packaging).
  • Produced by membrane dissolution technology.
  • Highly purified water with oxygen removed.
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential -570~-700mV (during packaging).
  • Hydrogenated water with minerals retained.
  • Hydrogen leak proof aluminium film packaging.

Thus, I think this will be a good source of hydrogen water to work with.

Due to its brightening and soothing effect on the skin, I’m exploring how I can include this hydrogen-rich water in my pre-makeup skincare service for my clients. Will do a review of this hydrogen water facial soon. Excited much!!

To a brighter looking complexion and better health!!

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