After a few weeks break from my mass Miki Queen product reviews, I am back to continue it! ^^ A lip stain in the form of a flat tip marker, the Lipstick: Sweet Seduction! I tried a few lip stains before, Benefit’s, Dior’s and I think Misha’s. This is the most vibrant and pigmented lip stain among them all.

Brand: Miki Queen
Product Name: Lipstick: Sweet Seduction
Shade: Magenta
Made in: Taiwan
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars

√ Flat tip makes application easy
√ Pigmented stain
√ Light-weight and not drying on lips
√ Able to stain inner lip area as well
√ Slightly stained lip colour (natural pink) remains after eating

X Pigmented colour not long lasting
X Might be uneven especially after fading, if lips are not in good condition (e.g. dry/cracked/peeling lips)

⇩⇩ Before/After! ⇩⇩

Love stains as they can make sure inner lip area is coloured as well. Especially important for dark/bright lip colours, so there will not be this unsightly original lip colour behind your lipstick which is visible every time you open your mouth >.<.

After eating a bowl of hot soup noodles….

The bright colour faded and it became uneven ):

Wiped off the excess as much as possible, and it became a light natural pink shade but still slightly darker at the lip line. It is alright for me actually, as it is still better than my originally pale lips hahah!

By the way, pictures for today’s post are taken using my new phone Samsung S7 Egde’s front cam! My previous phones never had such good quality front cams. I realised it’s much easier to take pictures using handphones. I have been taking pictures using my digital camera in the past and I know I am not a good photographer. Handphone’s camera are better for me I guess hahah

Stay tuned for more reviews every Monday (:

Bye bye~

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