Happy 2017 everyone! Hope 2016 had been a fulfilling year, and may this year be an even better year for all~ For my first review of 2017, it will be something different from my previous review on skin care, cosmetics and haircare products. I will be reviewing a beauty service! Lynn Aesthetic’s Snow White Facial ^^

It has been a few years since I last did facial. I am more of a massage person as body ache is more of an issue to me and I can’t stand lying on a bed not moving for 20 mins while having a mask on. Furthermore, I didn’t really have a very good experience with the beauty consultants from the beauty salon I went to few years back. But, last week I had the chance to try the facial service from Lynn Aesthetic, so I decided to give facial one more try!

Shop name: Lynn Aesthetic
Service Name: Snow White Facial
Duration 90mins
Price (as at date of visit):
1 session: $138
6 sessions: $745.20
12 sessions: $1407.60
Location: Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317, S530211
Date of visit: 30/12/2016
Ambience: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Effectiveness: ★★★☆☆
Overall Rating: 3.5/5


When you first step in.


There are pretty Christmas decorations all around the counter. I can tell that they put in quite a lot of effort in decorating their salon.

This is one of the facial rooms on the first floor, where roses were ‘popping-out’ from the walls! All their rooms have different themes~



Pretty fountains at the base of the stairway.  dsc09168-001 dsc09170-001

Mirror on the first floor.dsc09174-001

The spiral stairway from the second level.


Their washroom was normal looking, unlike the rest of the salon.


There is a sitting area upstairs and a locker area to put away your belongings before proceeding to the treatment room.


Hallway between the rooms on the second floor.


One of the massage room on the second floor.

dsc09152-001 dsc09158-001

I find that the place is unique, with interesting and pretty decorations. It has a cosy and country-feel to it that makes me feel comfortable and amazed.

Ambience Rating: 4/5


Before the start of the facial, warm water and mentos were served at the counter.


As it is my first appointment with them, the consultant at the counter took down my details, my skin conditions, concerns and allergies for record.


This was the room where I had my facial. Mine was the butterfly-theme room. So there were butterfly decorations all around the room.


Their bed is SUPER comfy! Unlike the past facials I have been to.


Butterfly decorations on their shelves in this room.


Changed and ready to start my facial!

My beauty therapist is Kate Tan, a young friendly lady who is very nice to chat with.

The facial started with the standard cleansing and exfoliating of the skin.

Then, Kate pushed out my whiteheads using some tool while a machine steams my face.


After that, comes the most painful part of the whole facial…extraction >.<


Although it is painful, I find it less unbearable compared to my past facials. This was followed by eyebrow trimming~

The next step is the hydration of my skin with their serum.


They have many different serums to cater for different skin-types. All their products are from Italy.


They used a tool that uses ultrasound to help the serum to penetrate into the skin. The serum was cooling on the skin and the flat rounded surface of the ultrasound tool massaging the face very feels comfortable.

After that, with the below essential oil, Kate did a acupressure for facial detox.


Then comes one of my favourite part of this facial, the face + shoulder massage! Eye and lips care products were also used during this massage.


I have to say Kate’s massaging skills are really good! I feel super relaxed ~ (─‿─)

After the nice long massage of my face and shoulders, here comes my most dreaded part of facials. Application of the mask ? Kate applied a whitening moulding mask for me as I have pigmentation concerns.

dsc09099-001 dsc09102-001

It is the first time I had a moulding mask applied all the way to above my collar bone, covering my neck. In my past facials, it is usually applied till slightly past the jawline.

The reason why I dislike this part of facial is because I am a very restless person. To not move and not open my eyes for like 20 minutes is a torture to me, even if the bed is so comfy. Luckily for this facial, there are hand and foot massages during this step.

What happened after the hand and foot massage was the thing that surprised me the most in this whole session. The bed has massaging function! Not the massage chair kind (like rollers etc), but its like it inflates and deflates at intervals on the upper thigh and lower back region. It is on till my mask is ready to be removed! So if you are as restless as me, this makes you feel less numb lying on the bed without moving.

After taking off the mask, Kate used their essential oil-infused gloves to do a light face massage.dsc09119-001

Unfortunately, I think because she started on my eye area, there was too much essential oil on that area and my whole eyelid started to have a burning sensation after awhile ? Kate had to use cool water/toner to wipe my eye area and cool it down. Even though there was no redness and the burning sensation went off after like 3 wipes, it was quite a scary moment for me ?

The facial ended off with standard day cream and sunblock.

While waiting to sign off, I was served a fruit tea with strawberries and grapes!   dsc09202-001On the consultation sheet, I saw that they have added in remarks on my freckles & pigmentation after my treatments. dsc09211-001

Service Rating: 4/5


Below shows the before/after of my face.


My face feels less dry, slightly brighter and definitely cleaner & smoother after the facial.

Here are the results from my skin analyser (forehead, right cheek, left cheek):


The results immediately after wasn’t accurate I guess. Maybe it is because of the sunblock. The ‘1 hr later’ results was after I went home to wash my face with cleanser, so it is an accurate measurement of the condition of my bare skin. Slight improvement in water % in my forehead, and improvement in water %, oil level & smoothness of my skin on my cheeks. And the effects lasted quite a few days!

However, for the whitening part, I don’t think it is significant. I don’t really see that much difference in the fairness of my skin, which is why I gave a 3/5 for effectiveness (this is supposed to be a whitening facial).


This is my skin 1 day after.

Effectiveness Rating: 3/5

Overall, it was a good and relaxing experience, except for the part where my eyelids were burning. Will recommend people staying around that area to try out their service!

Find out more about their services on their website, and read more of their reviews over here!

*Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this review. Although the product was sponsored, please be assured that it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Kindly note that all sources, information, content, links may be changed at any time.