Helloo minna san~ I am still in Japan ^^ ♥ Japanese are really good at dressing up. Both the guys and girls here really put in effort to style themselves. Dressing, makeup and hair are all nicely done and they each have their own style. Below are some photos random shot of Japanese shoppers at Nagoya’s shopping malls. Their hair are all nicely curled or tied up with a pretty accessory. So nice!! I always end distracted by their nice hair while shopping~

Today, the product I will be reviewing is Matomage’s Hair Arrangement Water. I bought this at a drug store in Nagoya~~

Brand: Matomage
Product: Hair Arrangement Water
Price: JPY 646
Effectiveness: ★★★★★
Feeling on hair: ★★★★★
Overall Rating: 5/5

It’s an award-winning product!



Spray the Matomage Hair Arrangement Water evenly over dried hair before styling. The wax water will make hair styling easier. Hair is still flexible and doesn’t fall out easily after styling. This is great for holding braids together and loosening/pulling hair strands for the messy/rough look. It also contains 3 shining ingredients to give a nice shine to your hair~

The first time I tried this, I did a side braid from the top of my head and pulled the strands to loosen it. The strands did not fall out during pulling and they stayed in place after i released my hands. In the photo above, no hair ties, pins or hair sprays were used. Love the fact that hair is not hard after using this product and is easy to wash off.

Love this styling water!

You can find it here on Qoo10 or here on Amazon!

Utena Matomage Hair Arrangement Water

[S$4.90](▼65%)[Made in Japan] Utena Matomage Hair Arrangement Water / Hair Styling Stick (Regular / Strong Hold)


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