Hope eveyone had a very Merry Christmas ?? By the time I finished typing my post, it’s already boxing day ?

Darkened my #hair colour at Gataomo on Christmas Eve to Ash colour. Slightly grayish. Will slowly lighten back my hair. Wanna try a more orange shade next time round! So, now I need to make my hair less reddish.

Was thinking if I should recolour my hair to purple. It was a nice colour but I really dislike the constant washing off of the colour for the first few weeks! It’s quite troublesome for my hair to keep dripping purple water after showering ?

#hairsalon #dayrehair

Here’s my highlights after the dye! The colour will slowly fade to a lighter shade after like 2-3weeks.

My hair under the sunlight ?

My highlights under the sun. The middle portion still looks like it has abit of purple.

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I bought some #makeup products from Etude House. Was going to stay over at my bf’s house and his house doesn’t have most makeup items except my essential (BB cushion, eyebrow pencil and lipstick).

We are attending a family Christmas lunch the next day, so I wanted to have more makeup on. *there’s definitely gonna be photo sessions ?*

But guess what, Etude House forgot to put in everything except for the eyeshadow palette which they helped to put in the 4 shades that I bought ?

This was the only thing they packed into our bag. We didn’t check either and didn’t realise till they called me 1 hour later. ??

We were already on our way back. Haf to go back to Wisma on Christmas morning to collect the rest of the stuff, so I can use them to makeup for my christmas lunch ?

Bought the big empty palette that can hold up to 8 colours. Its 14.90. The small palette that has 4 slots cost $11. I think this is more worth it.

I only bought 4 new colours. I have 2 more at home. Will get more next time to fill it. You can buy so many as you like and arrange them by what I need. They have many pretty colours!

The rest of the products that were left behind ?

I opened them right at the shop to do my makeup as I had to go to my Christmas lunch right after. ?

The pencil liner in shade BR402 wasn’t very pigmented.

I like the colour of the blush #13 Apricot Sorbet. It’s not too pink.

Lash Perm Proof Mascara was not bad too. Didn’t smudge. However, it didn’t make my curled lash last.

Before and after~~? eye makeup (except brows) and blush are all from Etude House~

The colours that I used for my eyes ??


Find more pretty shades of Etude House eyeshadow here on Qoo10 (:


[S$4.90][Etude House][ETUDE HOUSE]LOOK AT MY EYES new/eye shadow


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