Recently I had my hair dye to ash grey at a Katong hair salon, J&J Hair Identity. It is one of the organic hair salon in Singapore that uses Professional Organic salon hair colours and ECOCERT certified hair care d(-_^)

Shop: J&J Hair Identity
Service: Hair Dye + Highlight
Ambience: ★★★★☆
Products Used: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★☆☆
Results: ★★★★☆
Overall Rating: 4/5


Organic Products

J&J offers a full range of Natulique’s hair coloring, bleaching and styling products that are from Denmark, a country that is voted as one of the world’s leading countries within renewable energy and sustainable living. Natulique products contain certified organic ingredients.



The Natulique products are 100% PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens and Lauryl Saulfate free. Which is great for our hair and health 。^‿^。

The hair dye that was used on my hair has a much lighter chemical smell than usual hair dyes, which is gone after like 1 wash.

The Experience

J&J Hair Identity is a pretty new shop. It is neat, clean and also brightly lit.DSC00653-001

They have a nice basket for you to put your belongings.


Starting my hair service…

Tea was served in this cute cup~


My hairstylist is Shine. He gave me suggestions on what colour to choose~


I wanted to have my hair dyed into slightly darker shade with light ash grey highlights. But, Shine said that my hair is in good condition now, so he recommend me not to do so light as too many times of bleaching will spoil my hair. So, we went for the ash grey that I wanted, but with only 2 times of bleaching. He also recommended that the rest of my hair should be much darker so that the highlights will stand out better.

Step 1, bleaching..  DSC00696-001

Darkening the rest of my hair~ The smell is not strong, but my scalp still itches a little.


After the dye is washed off, ash colour was added and the dye is complete!

Time to blow dry the hair~DSC00717-001

Love the C Curl that Shine did for me!


See the highlights? He tinted them blue as that when it fade to grey, it will not turn out to be so yellowish.


After curling with heated curling tong.. Tadah~



I bought the purple toning shampoo so that my hair will not fade to become very yellowish after fading.


Super purple~~



J&J Hair Identity

As advised by Shine, I started using the purple toning shampoo from day 3, when I was in Japan. He said that Japan’s tap water is hard water, so the colour will fade more easily. By day 7, the grey highlights have started to show! The top is still half purple from the purple toning shampoo  The bottom half’s colour faded more as I soaked in the bathtub in my hotel on day 6 and 7.without using the blue shampoo >.<


The blue tint faded off to show the ash grey that I wanted by Day 9! (。♥‿♥。)However, I was not able to keep to the 15 minutes of purple toning shampoo as advised by Shine. Thus, it become a little yellow after 2 weeks. 15 minutes is sooo looong!! I usually have it on for around 5 minutes.


Hair is still soft and smooth after dyeing. It feels dry and rough only when it is wet. After conditioner and drying, hair becomes soft again. However, it became a little frizzy after 2 weeks. Not that bad though, as it still feels soft.

Below are shots taken at night under the lights~




The shop is stylish, clean and comfy. I like their exterior deco! Service wise, other than the tea served (which some others do too), nothing very special. Shine was professional and shared good suggestions and advise, which was nice. As for the colour, I lovew it when it faded to Ash Grey! I know that it is a difficult colour to maintain. Gonna try my best to extend my time in the shower with the purple toning shampoo on so that it will become less yellowish.

Do check out other’s review on J&J Hair Identity on and more about Natulique on their website!

J&J Hair Identity
#02-11 Katong Square 88 East Coast Road
Singapore 423371

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