Few weeks back, I went for a media event for PLAY by TUFT, and I received a detangle brush! TUFT a brand that is created to provide innovative machine and tools hairdressers and beauty therapists. And, PLAY is their new range that is targeted at general public. It is the first time I ever tried a detangle brush. My hair is usually tangle-free, so honestly I seldom comb or brush my hair. It’s not good though. I need to start having the habit of at least brushing my hair. Would improve the condition of my hair hahah!

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Okay on to the review~?

Brand: TUFT
Product Name: Travel Detangle Brush
Price: S$12.00
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars



√ Size is just nice for everyday use and travel
√ Detangles hair easily, minimises damage to hair
√ Reasonably priced
√ Length of bristles are not too shallow, so it works well for people with more hair volume too
√ Brush is shaped for comfortable grip for right-hander
√ Anti-static

X Brush is shaped for comfortable grip for right-hander only

Length of bristles:20161113_205903

The differing bristles lengths (between around 0.8cm-1.5cm) reduce tugging of hair when brushing.


Above shows the size of the brush and how it fit the hand.


Note to start detangling from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the upper portions of your hairs as the ends of your hair is smoothened out. This prevents excess tugging and makes the whole process much easier, faster and much less or no pain. Great to use for kids too! My BF’s niece loves to use this as it is cute and doesn’t make her feel so much pain unlike normal combs.

* Can be used for scalp massage and improving circulation
* Brush your hair with natural bristle hairbrush after detangling to distribute sebum from root to end, making your hair more shiny and healthy with a less oily scalp

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