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How do you get good looking hair?

1. Be consistently hardworking.

Taking care of your hair requires consistent caring for it to look good! Do not be lazy!

2. Know your hair type and hair condition.

Knowing whether your hair is thick, fine, damaged, dry and whether your scalp is dry or oily, determines the kind hair product you choose.

3. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair.

Shampoo and conditioner for your hair is just like your facial cleanser and moisturiser for your skin. What you use on your hair is as important as what you use on your face, so get a good one that suits your hair!

4. Do not shower in hot water

Hot water may trigger sebaceous glands to secrete oil, this leads to greasy hair and may also result in hair-fall problems.

5. Shampoo only the scalp and avoid root area for conditioner.

You only need to shampoo the scalp area, the rest will be cleansed when when you are rinsing the shampoo. Lightly massage scalp to encourage better blood circulation. Conditioner should not be applied to roots especially deep conditioning ones as it is usually too heavy and can cause scalp to get oily or clog your hair follicles (unless it is specified on the product that it can be used on the scalp).

6. Do not rub your hair with towel when drying it.

You can using dabbing or wrapping your hair in the towel and lightly squeeze to get rid of excess water. Rubbing increases friction and causes damage to hair.

7. Use a hair oil or serum after washing your hair.

Apply when hair is semi-dry for better absorption.

8. Blow dry hair in a downwards direction and make sure your scalp is completely dry.

9. Use heat protectant product and ensure hair is completely dry before styling with heated tools.

Heat protectant products protect hair from the extreme heat. Ensuring hair is completely dry prevent resulting steam from burning your scalp or hand while styling, it will also be more long lasting if you style your hair when it is not wet.

10. Take note of your diet.

There are certain nutrients that are essential for healthy hair such as fish oils (e.g. Omega-3 & 6), protein, zinc, etc. Do ensure to have a good balanced diet, or take supplements for those nutrients that you lack.

11. Get a trim from your trusted hairdresser.

Regular haircut is important to have your hair in good shape and rid of split ends. Find a hairdresser whom you can trust and stick with him/her. Having someone who knows your hair condition and understands what kind of style you like will make things easier.

12. Use a styling product before styling.

This ensures that your style can last. Choose the product based on the style you are going for. This determines the holding power and texture you want required from the product.

Hope you all have a better idea on how to have a good hair day everyday!

Now, let us help you in your journey towards gorgeous healthy hair….

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