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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Beauty and the Beast live action movie is coming out soon!! ? Belle from beauty and the beast is one of my favourite Disney princess! A very beautiful, brave, curious and adventurous lady who is not afraid of being different from the rest! So, when I got a call from Tiffany Yong to do this DisneyBound Beauty and the Beast shoot with her, not only as a makeup artist but as one of the models as well, I was pretty excited! So, in this post about the Beauty and the Beast Inspired Makeup and Hair, you will see me in the photos as Belle as well (๑→‿ฺ←๑)


Tiffany Yong & Peps Goh as….

Reyna & Tian Shun as…

Belle Look #1 (Casual) – Makeup

Belle’s makeup in this look is simple and natural. Focus is on her natural but long lashes, pink blush and rosy pink lips~

Here’s the Belle inspired makeup look I did on Tiffany and myself.

Pretty roses by A Better Florist~

With a bit of contouring as well, since Belle is supposed to be French. *must sharpen our features!!* ?

Belle Look #1 (Casual) – Hair

For this look, Belle has her hair twisted in from both sides and tied to a low ponytail with a blue ribbon.

Screenshot from:

For Tiffany, I did a dutch braid from both sides of the hair and tied them together at the back into a low ponytail.

Adding on a beautiful blue bow by Priscilla (Pingerrain) completes the whole look! She is the talented girl who made the crafts and accessories for this shoot~ Do watch her youtube videos to learn how she did the DIY crafts and accessories!

For my own belle, I did 2 strand twists on the sides instead of braids. Then, I tied them into a low ponytail as well~

Finished off with a pretty hand-crafted blue clip by Priscilla!

Beautifully captured by our photographer Remus!

Belle Look #2 (Formal) – Makeup

The second look is Belle in her famous ballroom dance scene with the Beast.

Screenshot from:

The makeup for this dinner look isn’t much different from the first look. She is really simple girl I guess! hahah

Time for us to change outfits!

To understand more about the choice of outfits, please visit Tiffany’s blog post over here!

Makeup-wise, I increased the intensity of our lipstick shades to give it a more ‘dinner’ look.

Belle Look #2 (Formal) – Hair

Belle’s hair for the ballroom scene is a high flipped-out ponytail with a golden yellow hair accessory.

Screenshot from:

I did a slight variation to the Belle hairstyle for Tiffany. I tied the top half of her hair into a 3 strand braid and rolled it up into a bun, then pinned the rest of the hair to the side.

See the side view below!

Yellow clip hand-crafted by Priscilla is a yellow version of the blue one above.

My hairstyle is quite similar to Belle’s hairstyle in the animated movie. I had the top half of my hair tied into a ponytail and flipped it out. Then, rolled up the excess, spread it out and pinned the back and sides to create the bun. Yellow ribbon was added to wrap around the bun to complete the look.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this Beauty and the Beast DisneyBound photoshoot! (b^_^)b

Outfit: Tiffany Yong Facebook Page: Instagram: @tiffanyyongwt Website: Twitter: ‎@tiffanyyongwt

Photographer: Remus Instagram: @remusdevinkoh

Accessories & Crafts: Priscilla (Pingerrain) Facebook Page: Instagram: @pingerrain Website: Youtube Channel:

Flowers: A Better Florist Facebook Page: Instagram: @abetterflorist Website:

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