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Foundation is a skin-coloured base that covers the imperfections of your skin, creating a perfect canvas for your makeup. The right foundation will blend in perfectly and can look natural too. If it looks too unnatural, it might be because you are using a wrong foundation, putting on too much, or your skin is not in a good condition to hold makeup.

Signs that your foundation is not right for you:

  • Flaky skin, blotchiness

  • Makes your skin look ashy, too fair/dark compared to the neck

Before buying, it will be good to try the foundation on for a day to know whether it suits your skin. However, most people will not like having foundation tester on their face for the entire day. Thus, you need to make a good guess of what kind of foundation best suits your skin type. But, how should you choose what to try first?

Firstly, you have to know your skin type (dry, oily, combination, normal). Then, decide on the coverage and type of foundation that you like.

Common foundation types and what skin type it suits:

Loose Powder Foundation:

  • Adjustable coverage from sheer to medium/full

  • Good for Normal to Oily skin

*Note: Do note the difference between loose setting powder and loose powder foundation. The former is a translucent powder to set makeup without adding on coverage, the latter contains foundation and provides coverage.

Powder Foundation:

  • Generally provides more coverage compared to loose powder foundation

  • Easy to bring out for touch-up

  • Good for Normal to Oily skin

*Note: There are some compact powders that are meant for touch-ups/setting makeup. These are pressed powders and do not provide much coverage.

Liquid Foundation:

  • Coverage varies from sheer to full depending on Brand/Range

  • Can be good for Normal to Dry skin (Hydrating, Brightening Liquid Foundation), or Normal to Oily skin (Mattifying Liquid Foundation)

Cream Foundation:

  • High coverage

  • Good for Normal to Oily skin

*Photos of above products are properties of their respective owners*

Some keywords to look out for when choosing a foundation:

For Dry Skin: Hydrating, Moisturizing, Brightening For Oily Skin: Matte/Mattifying, Oil-free

When trying on foundation:

  • Try on the face (jaw line)

  • Make sure the colour matches your neck colour

  • Try to test under white light

  • Leave on for at least a few minutes to check the shade after it oxidises (it will usually turn 1-2 shades darker)

*Note: Foundation usually comes in shades with different undertones (pink/cool , yellow/warm, neutral). Choose one that corresponds to your skin undertone or else it might look ashy or dull.

For long-lasting foundation:

  • Prep your skin well with skin care (hydrated skin will hold makeup better)

  • Use a primer (it smooths the skin and helps to ‘hold’ the foundation)

  • Use a setting powder &/or setting spray after makeup

  • A suitable foundation for the skin will generally last longer and require less touch-ups

*Note: For people who tend to perspire a lot, try putting lesser or lighter coverage foundation on places that perspire more (eg. nose), and just dust a just little loose powder over to set it.

Good luck in finding your HG foundation (:

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