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NANO Hair Extensions

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The most natural-looking extensions for thinning hair.

I'm starting a new service called NANO Hair Extensions!

There are many hair replacement solutions around such as wigs, regular hair extensions and hair transplant. So, why choose NANO Hair Extensions?

Here are the top few reasons.

  1. It looks extremely natural, just like your own hair.

  2. The NANO hair is of the highest quality, made in Japan & Korea. (It is 99% like real hair, it feels like real hair and has great elasticity so it does not break easily)

  3. Treatment is non invasive and there is no downtime after treatment.

  4. NANO hair is super light-weight so it does not weigh down or create much stress on your own hair. (Each strand of NANO hair is 20% the weight of the average hair)

  5. You can style, colour or perm your hair as per usual. (Maximum temperature 180°C)

  6. There is no damage to the scalp.

  7. You can wash and comb through hair easily.

  8. Easy to maintain.

  9. It can last 1-2 years with retouch every few months.

How We Attach the NANO Hair

In NANO Hair extension, 4 strands of NANO hair is tied manually to 1 strand of your natural hair. No chemical or glue is used in this treatment. You can comb through it easily, wash your hair as per normal unlike regular hair extensions. It is a great solution for people with hair loss/thinning especially on the crown/parting area.

Let's compare it with other popular hair replacement solutions in the market.

NANO Hair Extension is suitable for:

  • People going through hair loss treatments and waiting for results

  • Ladies going through post-partum hair loss

  • People with naturally thin hair

  • People who want more cvolume on the crown area

  • People with spot balding/receding hairline issues

NANO Hair Extension NOT suitable for:

  • People who have no or minimal natural hair (as the extension is tied to your own hair)

  • People with very brittle or damaged hair that will break easily

  • People who are looking to extend hair for length (maximum length of our NANO hair is 38cm.

  • People who have too short natural hair (Your natural hair needs to be about 5cm so that we can make the knot to secure the extension)

Photos of before-after NANO Hair Extension

Number of strands required depends on the area to be covered. It can range from 200-8000 strands. Minimum of 200 strands is required to see a difference.

Pricing for our NANO Hair Extension is $1/strand, minimum 200 strands.

Whatsapp 88962611 with a photo of your hair concern area for a rough estimate.

Click here to start whatsapp chat!

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