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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Here’s some tips on how to take care of your eyelash extensions, so that you can make it more long lasting and make sure your natural lash is not damaged!

#1 Do not expose extensions to high moisture or heat especially during the first day

Usually, I would advise my customer to avoid water on the lashes (from washing face/showering etc) for the first 5 hrs. Or at least 3 hrs. However, it depends on the glue used. Some may require a longer time. So, check with your therapist on the timing for their glue to completely cure. It is also best to avoid swimming or high heat activities (eg. suana/steamroom) for at least the first 24 hrs. Avoid facial for the first few days, or if possible, get your it done before your extension appointment.

#2 Do not use products containing oil around the eye area

Oil will weaken the glue used to attach the extensions on your lashes and cause the extensions to fall off earlier than they should. Use oil-free makeup remover (gel/water-based) to remove your eye makeup.

#3 Do not sleep facing down

Pressing on the extensions while sleeping causes the extensions to bend. This may lead to them changing shape/direction or falling out.

#4 Do not rub your eyes & avoid touching your extensions as much as possible

Touching your extensions transfers dirt and germs from your hands onto the extensions. Rubbing your eyes tugs on the extensions and may cause it to fall off faster as well.

#5 Comb your extensions

Comb your extensions with a clean mascara spoolie when it is messy, and also after applying eyelash serum/coating. If the serum/coating that you apply is too much or too thick, it may harden when it dries and cause your extensions to be stuck together.

#6 Do not curl your extensions and avoid applying mascara

There is no need to curl your extensions as they are already curled. Curling them will cause the extensions to change shape and also cause it to fall off faster. If you need to enhance the look of the extensions with mascara, please use a non-waterproof mascara that could be washed off easily. If it is not cleaned properly, the leftover makeup will accumulate on the lashes and may lead to infection or poor growing lashes.

#7 Do not cut the extensions or attempt to remove them on your own

Please go to your therapist to get the extensions removed if they are growing out too much. Do not cut the extensions as most of the time, you will end up cutting your own natural lash as well. Trying to remove the extensions by pulling may end up with you pulling out your natural lash, so please avoid doing that as well!

#8 Cleanse your extensions and eye area thoroughly

Some people have the thinking that extensions will last longer if they don’t touch water at all. So, they avoid running water over their eyes even during shower or face cleansing. Please do not avoid water and cleaning your lashes. If the lashes are not clean. it can cause infections and dirt accumulation that leads to thinner and lesser natural lashes or mites on the lash line. You also use eyelash shampoo to give your lashes a thorough cleaning!

#9 Use eyelash serum to strengthen your eyelashes

Strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes with consistent application of eyelash serum. Just like your skin needs skincare, your lashes needs lash care to stay in good condition too! Stronger eyelashes will be able to hold extensions better. Weak lashes may break or fall out together with extensions. It will not be possible to attach eyelash extensions on lashes that are too weak or short.

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