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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I've started home-based eyelash extension service at my place in Sembawang!

My eyelash menu includes classic single strand, 2D and lower eyelash extensions. Products used such as glue, lashes, tapes are imported from Japan! Technique used is also learnt from Japan. So, no worries about quality of the extensions!

Classic single strand lashes will be split into 2 tiers.

Natural - Up to 100 strands in total for both eyes (i.e. up to 50 strands per eye)

Gorgeous - 140 - 200 strands in total for both eyes

2D voluminous lashes will be above 200 strands in total

We also offer flat lash (which is a premium lash that is softer, lighter & darker than normal sable lash) and colour lash at a small top up.

Below are examples of the of eyelash extensions that I do (:

Classic Single Strand (Natural)

Classic Single Strand Extensions(Gorgeous)

Voluminous 2D Extensions

Lower Lash Extensions

Colour Extensions

For more pictures of my eyelash extensions & price menu, please visit my IG @reyna_hearts (:

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