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The dense foam of the eyelash foam shampoo gently cleanses your eyelash & extensions by grabbing dirt, debris and removing oil from the lashes. Cleansing your lashes regularly keeps them healthy and prevents eye infection. It also makes your extensions more fresh & long-lasting.

The eyelash foam shampoo is created with two special ingredients, "decylglusoside" which is effective for cleansing and "cocamidopropylbetaine" which creates the perfect foam and moisturises the skin.


Key features:

- Removes dirt & makeup that cannot be easily washed away with facial cleanser.
- Cleanses air/pollen dust & oil off the lashes, allowing extensions to last longer.
- Protects eye area from infections & diseases
- Closed up volume lash fans will open up after cleaning with the eyelash shampoo.


Made in Japan

Eyelash Foam Shampoo

  • Apply eyelash shampoo on the hairline of your lashes, leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then gently brush and rinse with water several times.

    Dry lashes with a small blower/hand-held fan.

    Finish by combing the extensions with a screw brush/spoolie.

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