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This set consists of 1 Eyelash Foam Shampoo & 1 Eyelash Shampoo Brush.


The dense foam of the eyelash foam shampoo gently cleanses your eyelash & extensions by grabbing dirt, debris and removing oil from the lashes. Cleansing your lashes regularly keeps them healthy and prevents eye infection. It also makes your extensions more fresh & long-lasting.

The eyelash foam shampoo is created with two special ingredients, "decylglusoside" which is effective for cleansing and "cocamidopropylbetaine" which creates the perfect foam and moisturises the skin.


The brush is extremely soft and has just the right amount of elasticity for proper cleansing of sensitive eye area. You will be able to wash off dirt around eye areas gently with no excess rubbing.

It is made using environmentally friendly upcycled PBT. Cutting-edge technology is used to transform used PET bottles into PBT.


Key features:

- Removes dirt & makeup that cannot be easily washed away with facial cleanser.
- Cleanses air/pollen dust & oil off the lashes, allowing extensions to last longer.
- Protects eye area from infections & diseases
- Closed up volume lash fans will open up after cleaning with the eyelash shampoo.


Made in Japan

Eyelash Shampoo & Brush Set

  • Apply eyelash shampoo on the hairline of your lashes, leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then gently brush and rinse with water several times.

    Dry lashes with a small blower/hand-held fan.

    Finish by combing the extensions with a screw brush/spoolie.


    【Brush Care】
    1. Rinse the brush thoroughly.
    2. Squeeze the water from the root of brush to the tip of hair
    3. Hang the brush pointing down and let it dry well in the shade.
    *If you leave it wet or with cleanser still on, it may cause mold, damage to the brush & odour. Do not store in a humid place.

    【Time for Replacement】
    Depending on the frequency of use & usage conditions, it is recommended to replace the brush around once a year.
    It is time to replace the brush when its tip's texture changes. 

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