Was looking for light shade of eyebrow pencil that is suitable to clients with lighter hair colout and I came across this. I like the colour and how easy the colour comes out on the skin. However, I soon realised that this is not necessary a good thing. Now I know why some brow products cant draw out on bare skin so easily. It makes it easier to control so you can do it either dark or light.

Product Name: Joli et Joli et 2 Way Eyebrow
Shade: Light Brown
Made In: Japan
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars 






Total Length of Pencil:


 Small tip allows precise application
2 way applicator, pencil and powder tip
Retractable pencil makes it convenient
Able to achieve light colour brow

X Product draws on too easily, takes practice to get a more consistent shade
X Runs slightly after long day out
X Requires pretty dry surface before drawing especially when using the brow powder tip (will result darker patches if used on liquid foundation that hasn’t dried)

Below picture shows the 2nd time I’m using it. Colour is not that consistent hahah! Need to try a few more times to get used to the correct amount and strength to use this.

Joliet Brow Pencil

* Set liquid/cream foundation with powder before using the pencil pencil so that colour will be more consistent and not too dark
* Use with very light strokes
* Use a brow grooming brush to spread out the colour to even it out (I personally like using the round kind of brow brush to even the brow product colour)