This Monday’s Product Review will be on a facial wash from a brand that focus on using natural ingredients, Fresh! I usually get the 150ml one. Below photo shows a sample of it that I got, which is the 20ml one.

Brand: Fresh
Product Name: Soy Face Cleanser
Made In: USA
Facial Wash type: Gel

Reyna Hearts Rating: 4 stars ★★★★☆

DSC08880-001 DSC08888-001

 Gentle on the skin and can even be used on eye area
Being soap-free, it is great for people with dry skin
√ Skin feels soft after use, no tight feeling
√ Hygienic as tube is sealed when you buy it
Rich in amino acids, great for maintaining elasticity of your skin
Fragrance-free thus good for sensitive skin*

* Please note that for people with sensitive skin, it is always good to do a patch test 1st before use. I do know of 2 friends of mine who encountered reaction on their skin when using this product.

Costly for a facial cleanser
X Doesn’t remove thick makeup that well



Gel type cleanser

Non-foaming, will turn slightly milky.

Even though it states that it can remove makeup, I will recommend you to remove your makeup with a makeup remover before using this cleanser. Thorough cleansing of your skin is very important for healthy skin!