Hello everyone! It’s Monday again (:

Today we will be reviewing a lace double eyelid tape! Was introduced to this lace double eyelid tape while I was at Sasa, and I was surprised by its result! It is the best double eyelid tape that I have used so far.

Brand: Meng Meng
Product Name: Lace Double Eyelid Tape
Material: Lace
Quantity: 42 pairs
Reyna Hearts Rating: ★★★★ 4 stars




√ Fibre lace material makes it more light weight and less visible
√ Makeup can be easily applied over it
√ Easy to get the position right
√ Stays on for whole day
√ Can use it before or after makeup
√ Not obvious even if you close your eye, unless looking from a very near distance

X Glue contains alcohol, might not be suitable for some people
X More steps for application than usual double eyelid stickers
X Requires a bit of time for it to dry

How to create double eyelid with the lace double eyelid tape?

Double Eyelid Tape
Peel off 1 piece of the double eyelid mesh

Put it at the back of your hand or on your finger.

Double Eyelid Tape4
Apply glue over the whole strip.

Place the top of the curve right over the line you want to create and wait for it to dry.




With makeup ^^

Not very visible right?

Here’s another person that I used it on:

Double Eyelid Tape3

Pretty good right? Love it!

* Directions on packaging actually advises to use it after full makeup. However, I would recommend to use clean skin before makeup if you are new to this as it will be troublesome to touch-up if you need to peel off to reposition. As seen from above, I used it before makeup and it turns out okay!
* If you feel pain or experience rashes after using, please remove it immediately and wash/consult a doctor. Slight warmth is okay as the glue contains alcohol.