I’m going to start writing about the preparation for my upcoming new house and wedding ?!! I’m going to be a #dayrebride officially somewhere next year end hehe ?

My bf proposed May this year during our Japan trip. We are so excited discussing about house, PWS, AD & our future life tgt as husband&wife❤

Our housing was settled pretty fast. We started searching after our trip, and in July we signed for our new house ? Omg the ??? But so excited to get our own house ??? Yayy! #dayrehome

We just got our auspicious dates and timings master Long Tian Xiang! A very fengshui master name right ? It’s like a must for them to have these kinda names. Normal name will somehow seem more unconvincing as feng shui master? Hahaha

He gave us 3 years worth of dates to choose from ? 2 pages per year! Anyway, with the dates and timings, we can finally get things moving!

We’ve already gotten a wedding planner & AD package. So, we’ll start shortlisting locations, ask for rates & availability!

He explained our Ba Zi, told us what to look out for, what to do to prevent things like taohuayun? etc.

There is also English and Chinese instructions for all the traditional customary things that we need to do in the booklet we were given, in case we forgot what he said. Which we definitely would hahaha. Very comprehensive booklet lol

The red paper that we need to cut into strips and write some Chinese words to paste on our front door from guo da li till few days after our AD.

Need to start practising Chinese calligraphy! Don’t wanna have ugly handwriting pasted on our front door during the wedding hahaha