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Eyelash Regrowth Treatment

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Increase your natural lash's thickness, length & volume!

Introduction to Eyelash Regrowth Treatment

Only 15% of adult hair follicles develop, while the remaining 85% stays in resting phase. This treatment stimulates the resting hair follicles to become more active, which increases the number active cells by more then twice. Ampoules applied will nourish existing lashes to grow longer and thicker.

How Does Eyelash Regrowth Treatment Work?

Eye area is first cleansed to ensure maximum absorption of products. Hair follicles are then stimulated by nano-needling on the epidermis layer of your lash line. Next, ampoules with stem cell ingredients are applied over a 30 minute duration, supplying nutrition to the roots of the lashes to promote growth. 2 Sessions are required to complete this treatment, with the second session 2 weeks from the first session. Results will show in 2-4 Weeks from first treatment. Clients receiving the treatment will need to consistently apply their own eyelash serum to maintain the results. It will last for around 4-6 months with proper care.

Soaking in all the nutrients from the ampoule.


Top 2 Pics: Before

Bottom 2 Pics: 2 Weeks after first session

Lashes are visibly longer, thicker and more just 2 weeks after the first session.

Eyelash Regrowth Treatment is suitable for people with:

  • Thin eyelashes

  • Sparse eyelashes

  • Short eyelashes

  • Damaged eyelashes

  • Are unsatisfied with their current lash condition and wants to improve the look and strength of their lashes

Eyelash Regrowth Treatment is NOT suitable for people:

  • With protein intolerance

  • With metal allergy

  • Prone to eyelid infection

  • Prone to keloids on skin

  • Who have eye allergies or keratitis until after condition is treated

  • Who have done surgery around the eyes (LASIK, double eyelid etc) within the past 3 months


  • Do not wash eye area right after the procedure

  • No heavy makeup (eyeliner/mascara) for 1 Week after procedure

  • Be consistent with eyelash serum application daily

  • Eyelash extensions only allowed 1 month after second session is completed

  • Do not apply mascara on root area of lashes as it can block hair follicles

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